Gifted Workers

Auteur('s) Noks Nauta & Sieuwke Ronner
ISBN 9491757296 / 9789491757297
Jaar van verschijning 2016
Uitgeverij Big Business Publishers

Living and working with giftedness is not always easy. Potentially, gifted people are original, creative, full of vitality, passionate and constructive employees. Not all succeed in making their talents visible. A potentially powerfully creative personality without clear direction may be compared to an unguided missile. Someone who cannot be coached, cannot collaborate or communicate, a know-it-all, an antisocial, elusive person. Among colleagues and employers this behavior creates irritation, anxiety and uncertainty. Talents remain hidden and a vicious cycle starts. In eleven case studies of gifted adults, after losing direction, each tries to find his or her own way in individual voyages of discovery. The book also offers concrete tools that may help gifted people to find their talents and put them to good use. Employers, various professional groups in work and health, coaches, HRM and others who come into contact with gifted employees, can also benefit from this book.

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